1. Training and Technology Transfer of Aquaculture and Fisheries

 CTU-1. Research Methodology in Aquatic Animal Physiology and Nutrition

CTU-2. Striped catfish seed production

CTU-3. Giant freshwater prawn hatchery

CTU-4. Mud crab hatchery

CTU-5. Super-intensive culture of white leg shrimp

CTU-6. Seafood products processing

Centre for Advanced Aquaculture and Seafood Research & Technology Transfer (CASRT) under the project “Curriculum Development for Sustainable Seafood and Nutrition Security, SSNS” provides the following training courses:

SSNS 1-Training-module-advance shrimp farming technology (CTU)

SSNS 2-Training-module- advanced technology in catfish farming (CTU)

SSNS 3-Training-module-Shrimp disease diagnosis (CTU)

SSNS 4-Training-module-international aquaculture standars (CTU)


2. Scientific research and transfer of Agriculture                                              

Scientific research at the COA has been one of the most effective and successful activities for over 20 years. The results of scientific research have been widely recognised for its high efficiency and prompt application into agricultural production,which directly contributes to the increase of regional food and foodstuff.

The key areas of scientific research are as follows:

-      Land evaluation and land use in the MD.

-      Land use planning by using GIS and remote sensing in the MD.

-      Management of soil fertility, soil chemistry and physics for sustainable agriculture.

-      Food staples in the MD where rice, soybean, mungbean and vegetable are highly regarded.

-      Fruit trees and trees for industrial use.

-      Integrated pest management.

-      Plant structure and crops.

-      Improvement of domestic breeding quality.

-      Environment and natural resources management.

-      Coastal zone biodiversity and management.

-      Sustainable agriculture development combined with the model “Garden-Fish Food-Livestock” expanded household level and local areas.

-      In vitro culture.

-      Agricultural production plans in the MD.

Transfer: Owing to the productive and effective results of these scientific researches, many specialised syllabi have been printed out and published fostering agricultural expansion facilitating training processes and agricultural production in the MD.

Training in the field of:

Crops: technique and varieties

-         Plant protection: crops

-         Soil management

-         Animal production and management

-         Farming system

-         Environmental protection

-         Food storage and processing

Some results:

-         Providing the human resources for MD and other places

-         Changing the land use system in the MD

-         Increasing the cultivated area and cropping index

-         Applying new technology for crops cultivation and animal husbandry

-         Increasing the crops yield and animal production

-         New technology for post harvest

-         Improving the food processing

-         More flexible in farming systems depending on the market demand

-         Improving the income of the farmers and their living standard in the rural areas